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Cwm Gwyn

This is an oldie but goldie project for us. It looks as good today as when we built it nearly 10 years ago. Cwm Gwyn or ‘White Valley’ replaced a very tired old bungalow on the site with a new 3 storey family dwelling. It is highly performing in terms of its eco- credentials and is more or less off grid in its energy requirements. We designed and project managed this home on site and took advantage of the availability of a huge amount of loft space to create even more space for a snooker room up there too!

This is a private family dwelling so we don’t want to shout about how much it cost to build save to say it does not cost much to run. Cwm Gwyn took about 10 months to build as we were held up by a tough Mid Wales winter. It goes without saying that our client was very happy to have bought a washed out old bungalow and received a fantastic 3 storey family home in return.