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Park Street Offices

A church that changed to a storage building that changed to an office. Now that’s what we call regeneration and recycling! Working with a regular client who enjoys working with urban buildings of much architectural interest we spent a lot of time getting this one right to serve its new lease of life as a modern open place office building served by a new lift.

The main office is lit by a wonderful stained glass rose window which dominates and illuminates the space. We enjoy the clash of cultures in this building, old and religious, new and commercial. Both sit side by side comfortably and the space works so well that it has been 100% occupied since we completed the development 5 years ago.

We brought nearly 8000 sq ft of wasted town centre building back into much needed office space here in Park Street. The building has sparked the regeneration of this part of the town much to the approval of nearby businesses and residents.