Have you tried our Building Cost Calculator?

When it comes to building, renovating or extending a home there are a myriad of factors to take into consideration.

We receive a lot of enquiries from people thinking about undertaking such a project and asking how much it will cost.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. From the size and style, to the type and quality of materials used. These can all make a difference to the final cost.

An accurate cost can only be provided once professional drawings and schedules of work are completed.

A rough idea of the cost of your project

However, to help you get a rough idea of the cost we have an online Building Cost Calculator.

It only provides a starting point and is only a guide to the building costs. It does not include items like VAT, professional and planning fees.

But it can help you decide early on what the likely costs will be and whether you want to take it to the next step of a free initial consultation with one of our professional architectural and planning team.

You can access the calculator from our home page or by clicking the link here.

Hughes Architects Building Cost Calculator