Local knowledge goes a long way – that’s why we have a 98% planning success rate

Local knowledge goes a long way – that’s why we have a 98% planning success rate

When it comes to architectural designs and planning applications it’s far easier to bring the whole process together to ensure a successful and cost-effective project.

Knowledge of local planning regulations, guidance, Local Development Plans and other factors can make all the difference.

Whether it’s a single dwelling, an extension, renovation, new industrial or agricultural unit or bringing land forward for development, there is a maze of considerations.

That’s one reason why clients of Hughes Architects come back time after time.

We have a 98%* success rate when it comes to planning applications. And this is based on good quality architectural designs that not only take into consideration a client’s needs and requirements but an understanding of local planning guidelines.

From Powys to Ceredigion in Mid Wales, to Shropshire and Herefordshire and other counties in England, we have an abundance of expertise in the two distinct difference of planning laws in Wales and England.

“Our knowledge of local and national planning guidelines ensures we develop designs and plans, whether for an outline or full planning permission, that meet the relevant planning requirements, while still being imaginative – whether contemporary or traditional,” said Doug Hughes, principal architect and managing director at Hughes Architects.

“It’s pointless attempting to bring land forward for development or spending money on a property design when it doesn’t meet these guidelines. It’ll just end up costing more in the long-run and taking longer to achieve approval,” said Doug. “Getting it right first time is the key.”

In one year alone, Hughes Architects had 117 planning applications approved out of 120.

“A 98% success rate is a high percentage of success,” added Doug.

The successful planning approvals include:

  • Single or two-storey home extensions
  • New homes
  • Barn conversions
  • Large-scale housing developments
  • Social housing schemes
  • Large scale private housing development
  • Bringing land forward for development
  • Listed building consent
  • Industrial and commercial properties

For larger developments in Wales there is an obligation to undertake Pre-Planning Consultations.

Hughes Architects has become experienced in these with a range of successful consultations. You can see some of them here.

“Community consultation is imperative when it comes to planning applications. Whether it’s an obligation or not, it’s far better to consult with neighbouring property and landowners than to take an application to planning committee without feedback from those affected,” said Doug.

“In Wales the Pre-Planning Consultation ensures adjoining and neighbouring property and landowners are consulted on certain applications. In places like Shropshire it is good practice to undertake something such as Neighbourhood Planning Groups.

“Our team of architects, architectural technicians and planning consultants ensure we can provide a one-stop shop from building design through to planning and building completion, no matter whether it’s a single dwelling, a large housing development, commercial or agricultural buildings or simply bringing land forward for outline planning approval,” said Doug.

For more details about Hughes Architects range of architectural design and planning services, contact enquiries@hughesarchitects.co.uk or call the team at one of our high street offices.