Planning ahead for future housing and commercial building needs

With constant demand for housing in Mid Wales and the borders there is always a need to identify land for large and small developments. Whether private or for social housing.

The same can be said for commercial and industrial developments, supporting or creating economic growth and employment throughout Powys, Ceredigion, Shropshire and Herefordshire among other counties.

That’s where as planning consultants and building designers we work with private landowners, developers, housing associations and others to earmark suitable brownfield and greenfield sites, bringing them through the planning process to design and build.

We also work on existing buildings or structures where there is a possibility for a change of use or further development.

These range from small plots to larger developments.

For a landowner it can be quite daunting to consider bringing land forward for development. But that’s where we come in. Let me explain more.

Small or large developments
Whether it’s a small parcel of land, such as an existing town centre site or land within the local development plan, there can be a range of possibilities for bringing it forward for development.

Some landowners simply want to bring the land forward for planning and then sell on to a developer. Others seek a partnership towards development. In many cases we have developers and builders who work with us to identify land and then we approach landowners.

Whatever the preference of a landowner, we help that process by first of all examining the site and considering what options are available.

Location is obviously a key factor, as is accessibility:

  • Is the land positioned within existing planning boundaries?
  • Is there an identified need in the area?

We consider and identify all avenues and opportunities.

Residential, commercial or industrial developments
Whether for housing, commercial, retail or industrial use, we then begin to put some initial outline plans together for consideration by the council. Again, there are many factors to consider here, such as the size and impact of the development; land availability in the area and where the land sits within existing planning boundaries.

Once we’ve worked through these, and depending on the requirements of the landowner, we would the work towards full planning permission with detailed plans or, if they wish, identify developers who can take the work forward.

For the landowner this is often the easiest and most convenient route to take.

For developers we work on their requirement and identify land that is suitable. Again, dependant on whether its residential, commercial or an industrial end use, we identify land and work act as an intermediary between the landowner and developer to bring the site forward.

So while each and every project is different in its ease or complexity, by working with a planning consultant such as ourselves we can help bring opportunities forward for land use that benefits all involved.

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