Supporting the growth of Mid Wales economically and socially

The majority of our work is in designing new properties, extensions and renovations, or working as planning consultants with landowners, developers and housing associations to bring forward land for property development.

But one thing that is vitally important to support this is a vibrant and prosperous local economy in MId Wales, including Powys and Ceredigion where we are based.

This supports the investment in everything we do, from individual homes to larger housing estates, to the extension of commercial premises and new manufacturing facilities.

And that’s where our work becomes much broader.

We work with a wide range of private and public sector organisations in Mid Wales and throughout Wales, as well as in Shropshire and Herefordshire, to advise and support initiatives that have an impact on the economic and social planning process.

This way we can all assess and plan ahead for future development, ensuring we identify where development is needed and how to plan ahead to ensure a ready supply of land for housing and commercial or industrial opportunities, as well as social.

Hughes Architects managing director and principal architect, Doug Hughes, sits on a number of committees and groups to provide input as well as discuss current and future needs.

One such group is Growing Mid Wales. Its objective, as backed by the Welsh Government, is set out as “a strong regional partnership comprising of representative bodies from across the private, public and voluntary sector in mid Wales.”

It states, the Partnership seeks to:

  • economic outcomes across the region by working in partnership;
  • approach to economic development;
  • economic growth in the region;
  • almost entirely rural regional economy in Mid Wales.

If you’re not aware of the group, you can find out more about what its work entails and what plans it has to support the growth of Mid Wales.

You can follow this link to information about the partnership.