Why move if you love your home?

Why move when you extend or renovate your home?

The past few months have seen us all confined to our home during lockdown. One thing that has done is make many of us re-evaluate our home and working arrangements.

We deal with a lot of homeowners who, for various reasons, just feel they want a change and have considered moving home simply to live somewhere different, either for a larger property or simply a change.

In a lot of these cases they love the area they live in and wish they could stay.

It’s only when a member of our architectural team starts to talk to them about the options of extending or redesigning their existing property they realise they don’t have to move.

For example, it might not be about moving or extending for up-sizing. They might simply want a different style of property or living space.

Redesign or remodel your home

This can be undertaken by redesigning the internal layout and/or structure, to create a completely new living space. For example, a lot of older properties tend to have lots of rooms. Why not create fewer rooms and more space by making elements of the property open plan?

It’s not necessarily that difficult, but the outcome can be a complete transformation of the property. It’s like being in a new home. The investment can also add value to the house, but the outlay and hassle is less than moving home.

Another option is to change the structure of the house with extensions. Again, this isn’t necessarily because you want additional space, but by creating new areas of space, it can transform a home.

More cost-effective than moving

The cost of designing, seeking planning permission and building an extension is a lot less than having to look for and buy a new property that might still need work to make it what you want.

So, when it comes to taking the next steps to a new home simply because you want a change, why not take a step back and let your imagination consider what you could do with your existing home?

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