Working with landowners to bring forward land for development

There’s a constant need for land to supply demand for homes and other properties within Powys, Shropshire and Ceredigion.

Quite often there aren’t enough or suitable brownfield sites to cater for such demand within existing planning boundaries. And so we work with landowners and developers to identify and bring forward such land.

It could be for a couple of homes or a larger development of properties within a community. There could also be a need for commercial or industrial units or workshops.

As planning consultants, we work with landowners to bring forward plans for such land, either as outline proposals or more detailed planning submissions.

Once planning is approved, we work with the landowner to identity a suitable developer, where the landowner doesn’t wish to develop the site themselves.

A private developer, individual, housing association or a local authority could be seeking an opportunity to build homes in the area, or to acquire land with existing planning approval.

We’ve undertaken such work throughout Powys, Shropshire and Herefordshire.

“Our work is much broader than just the design of properties. In fact, a large part of our work as planning consultants is bringing such plans to the local planning authorities for approval,” said Doug Hughes, principal architect and managing director at Hughes Architects, which has offices at Newtown, Welshpool, Aberystwyth and Cardiff.

“If a landowner believes they have an area suitable for housing or other appropriate developments, and it sits within existing planning boundaries, then we can talk about working with them to bring forward the land for planning approval and subsequent development.”

He added: “The same is said for smaller projects, whether extensions to an existing property or new builds. We develop the plans and then take the hassle of the planning procedure away from the client by dealing with the planning application. It makes the whole process a lot easier.”

For more details about how Hughes Architects works with landowners or developers, call the team at its offices in Newtown, Welshpool, Aberystwyth or Cardiff, or email