The closing date for applications is 09‑01‑2017
Remaining: -1112 days, -6 hours

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Application for four dwellings, highways improvements and a proposed church (place of worship)

This planning statement accompanies a planning application submitted on behalf of Dolafon Gospel Hall Trust for outline planning permission for residential development of four dwellings, new access, highways improvements and the erection of a new church building on land alongside Kerry Road in Abermule, Powys.

To comment on this application, please use the consultation response for below. If you have any queries about this scheme that you would like clarified before commenting, please email us on

A pre-planning consultation exhibition is being held at Abermule Community Centre between 11am and 7pm on Tuesday, 13 December 2016 when members of the public can view and discuss the plans with members of the Hughes Architects team.

 The closing date for comments is 9 January 2017.


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