Large Office Development

At the time this was by far our largest project in 2010. But we weren’t just the architects on this project as we busied ourselves in assembling the land deal that brought forward this highly visible major road junction site as well as a large site for housing that joined it to the rest of the town. We were applauded at planning committee for our brave approach to design upon this gateway site into the town.

We worked in close collaboration with the construction team on this project as a part of a partnership contract. In doing so we could discuss, debate and agree with all members of the build team as to the best outcome for the client and site throughout the project. The outcome is a happy client who enjoys using all parts of this great new office building especially the large new conference room with far reaching views over the town.

Two of the happy, and unintended, outcomes of this project was the ‘gin and tonic’ balcony from one of the offices as well as the necessary re- design of one of the main offices to re- orientate desks as staff were spending more time staring at the view as was necessary! We built this 3 storey building in just under 20 months. Bearing in mind several months was spent decontaminating the site this was a good outcome.

2009 completion
42,000 sqft
275 days
£1.6 million

“After being in such a small, rabbit warren type building, the new office is a huge benefit to our working environment. We have much more space and, more importantly, the different teams are now sat together.”

Shane Perkins Chief Executive MWHA