Architect urges views on “important” Powys planning guidance consultation

A consultation on planning guidance within Powys’ Local Development Plan needs the views of as many developers and landowners as possible, according to a Mid Wales architect and planning consultant.

Powys County Council is holding a consultation on Residential Design, as well as development in Conservation Areas, as part of a commitment it gave when it adopted its Local Development Plan (LDP) in 2018.

The LDP sets out planning guidance in the county up to 2026, setting out the county council’s strategy, such as where residential and commercial developments can take place in the county.

“When the Powys LDP has been adopted, the council committed to consulting on Supplementary Planning Guidance for a range of topics. In this latest consultation it wants views on Residential Design and Conservation Areas,” said Doug Hughes, Principal Architect and Managing Director of Hughes Architects, a building design and planning consultancy based in Newtown, Welshpool and Aberystwyth.

“These two areas of local planning are very important, and any landowner or developer in the area should input into the process, as well as architects and others involved in building houses.

“Once approved the guide will be used by planning officers to decide applications upon the design of everything from an extension to a new build home, through to large-scale residential developments. It is extremely significant.

“It will also set out the principles and standards for any architectural or building work in Conservation Areas.”

The consultation lasts until 5pm on Friday, 20 September.

“It’s important for anyone with an interest or involvement in building houses or extensions in the area to be part of the process.”

The consultation can be found at:…