Consultation underway into landscape and renewable energy planning guidance

Consultation has begun in Powys on supplementary planning guidance for the already adopts Local Development Plan.

The SPG is covering Landscape and Renewable Energy.

This consultation is important as the eventual guidance formulated from the consultation will be incorporated into the LDP which was adopted by Powys County Council in 2018.

The council states: “SPG assists in the understanding, interpretation and application of certain policies in making planning decisions and it helps ensure that those policies are better understood and applied effectively. It provides helpful advice for planning officers, developers and site owners alike.

“The council is producing them in-line with the programme agreed with the independent Planning Inspector who conducted the public examination during 2017 to ensure that the adopted LDP is effective in managing the development of land to facilitate sustainable development.”

Whether you are a landowner, a developer or even a homeowner, the information fed into this consultation could impact on you or a future development project – from a new build home, even an extension, to a larger scale residential or industrial development.

In terms of guidance on landscape, the consultation documents state the additional guidance will: “Assist and guide those proposing and designing new developments and submitting a planning application. To ensure development proposals are successfully integrated within the landscape; and to prevent development proposals from having a negative impact on the valued characteristics and qualities of the Powys landscape.”

This is much the same for renewable energy projects.

The consultation began this month and lasts until Sunday, 24 February 2019.

More details can be found here:ā€¦

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