From building design to planning – we don’t just do drawings

As a homeowner looking to extend your property or maybe build a new house, you might think we simply come up with a design and drawings based on your ideas and requirements and just hand them over to you.

Maybe some architects do that. But we don’t. We do a lot more to ensure the whole process is much easier for you.

No matter how large or small the project, once we’ve completed the building design and you’re happy to proceed, we will then take it forward to the local planning authority, such as Powys, Shropshire or Ceredigion councils, and apply for outline or full planning consent.

Once this is completed and planning approval is granted, we can help you identify a suitable builder or contractor and even project manage the work if you want.

“Each client is different. There are some who simply want us to work with them on the design, extension or refurbishment of a property,” said Doug Hughes, principal architect and managing director at Mid Wales-based Hughes Architects.

“In most cases, however, our role involves taking the plans forward to ensure they are approved. That means our client doesn’t have to worry about what can be a laborious process.

“From submitting a planning application, dealing with planning officers on technical specification and filling in the forms, we take control of the whole process.”

He added: “In many cases we continue to work with the client on the build process, from identifying a suitable builder or developer, through to working with them with project management to ensure it’s completed on time and within budget.”

Alternatively, and often for the smaller extensions or renovations, providing the expert design and drawings and dealing with the planning application is all that’s needed. It’s up to each client and how they want to deal with it.”

No matter what you’re idea is, whether it’s to create more room in your existing home with an extension, refurbish a property, or build a new home, we can help you with elements or the whole process.

Why not come and talk to the team at our offices in Newtown, Welshpool or Aberystwyth – or in Shropshire or Cardiff – to see how we can help?

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