Full revision of Powys Local Development Plan welcomed

News that a full replacement of the current Local Development Plan (LDP) for Powys is to be drawn up has been welcomed by one of the area’s architects and planning consultants.

Powys County Council’s current LDP was due to continue until 2026. However, a review of the current plan has concluded that a full revision is necessary, leading to the preparation of a replacement LDP for 2022-2037.

The LDP sets out planning policies and site allocations for housing, commercial and other developments and is used to determine planning applications in the county.

Doug Hughes, Principal Architect and Managing Director at Newtown and Welshpool-based Hughes Architects, welcomed the news and urged local developers, builders, landowners and the public to get involved in this consultation. It outlines as to how the LDP will be delivered and will end on 1 February 2022.

“The development and planning landscape in Powys has changed rapidly in recent years, particularly when it comes to houses. There has been little development of new homes in the county to satisfy demand,” said Mr Hughes.

“The review of the current LDP has rightly concluded that the best way forward is for a replacement LDP. This will ensure the current and future demand for housing and commercial properties is better represented.”

Last month Mr Hughes warned of a severe shortage of new homes being developed in the county. He said the lack of development on identified residential land would lead to a lack of private, affordable, and social housing in Powys.

The recent Annual Monitoring Report highlighted that the county was falling short of around 2,400 homes. Since 2011 there have been 2,101 new homes built, about 47 per cent of the target set out by the end of the LDP life in 2026.

The current consultation, launched on 6 January 2022, is on the Review Report Draft and the Delivery Agreement Draft. The review identifies the reasons for a replacement LDP and the delivery agreement consultation will look at the timetable for the preparation of a Replacement Powys LDP.

“It’s important for as many people from the local community to get involved in this process. The LDP is important in terms of the future planning and development of our towns and villages. It impacts on all parts of our work and lives and wider communities,” said Mr Hughes.

Powys County Council has stated: “Following this consultation, the Council will review the comments received and make amendments to the Review Report and Delivery Agreement as considered appropriate. The comments will be summarised within the final documents, which will also include the Council’s response to the comments along with any changes proposed to the documents.  

“The Review Report and Delivery Agreement will be considered for approval by the Council before being submitted to the Welsh Government.

“The Delivery Agreement must be formally agreed by the Welsh Government. The agreement of the Delivery Agreement will mark the formal start of the Replacement LDP process.”

More information about the two consultations can be found here: https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/4931/Latest-LDP-News

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