Hughes Architects achieves planning success first time after previous failed attempts

Hughes Architects building design and planning permission

A good understanding of local planning regulations and policy and ensuring any architectural design is in keeping with the locality is key to achieving a successful planning application.

Mid Wales and Shropshire architects and planning consultants, Hughes Architects, recently secured planning permission on their first submission for three new homes with garages, access and the installation of a sewage treatment plant on land at Broncafnent Lane, Llanfair Caereinion in Powys, Mid Wales, where planning had previously been refused.

“There’s no magic wand when it comes to planning permission. But there is a need to understand and acknowledge the planning guidelines and regulations that are set by any local planning authority,” said Doug Hughes, Managing Director and Principal Architect at Hughes Architects.

“Understanding these core principals means you can then work with your client to set out what can and cannot be achieved and work back from that. If you go all in with an application based on just what you want, you’re unlikely to achieve permission.

“And it’s not just about the guidelines. You must acknowledge the local environment and community and what type of building design, such as size and style, will integrate with it. If it’s not clear, then we also talk with the planning officers to see what is achievable.”

Doug said working in such a way not only ensures a smooth planning process but reduces costs for clients who might have to go back to the drawing board if their initial application rejected.

The local environment and community

“In terms of outline planning permission, it’s a case of looking at the site, in this case a greenfield site, and working on what can be achieved on the footprint, but also considering its impact and how it fits in the community.

“While town, community and parish councils’ cannot decide on a planning application, they can have their say during consultation to the planning authority and they do, after all, represent the community where you are proposing a development. And so, it’s important they understand what is being proposed and have their support where possible.”

He added: “In this case, the town council supported the application, with comments on ensuring improvements to visibility on the road.”

“The previous applications had failed for a number of reasons. But by working with our clients we were able to create a design and plan that fitted the plot and local planning guidance.”

For more details about planning consultation and architectural design services at Hughes Architects, email, visit our contact form at or telephone one of our offices at Newtown – 01686 610311, Welshpool – 01938 553436, or Aberystwyth – 01970 636019.

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