Inspiring work from designers of the future

Nurturing future talent is important in all parts of life and work. None more so than in architecture and building design.

We’re fortunate to have a young and dynamic team working for us at Hughes Architects who are always looking at the latest developments, technology and materials coming into use within residential and commercial building design and construction.

We attend events such as the Powys Careers Fair annually, as well as talking at school and college events, about careers in architecture and building design to emphasise how it can be a great career choice.

Occasionally, we have young people joining us on work experience who demonstrate a talent that stands out.

Last week we had one young man at our Newtown office who instantly made an impression on our architects and design team.

Alex Cook, 16, attended Newtown High School and it was while there he realised he had a talent for sketching building designs as well as using CAD systems.

He demonstrated this skill after being given some challenges by the team and we’re proud to show off some of his building sketches.

Sketches are an important part of an architect’s work. It allows a free hand interpretation of a building design – whether a house, apartments, commercial buildings or just an extension or renovation.

Alex has shown some real talent and here you can see some of his ideas. We’re sure he’ll be entering the profession in just a few years.