It’s business “as usual” for Hughes Architects

Hughes Architects

Investment in the latest IT equipment and the ability to quickly adapt are two key factors in why Hughes Architects is able to continue to work for its clients, old and new, during the latest Coronavirus restrictions in Wales.

Between 23 October and 9 November the architectural and administrative teams at Hughes Architects will be working remotely to comply with Welsh Government guidelines during the national lockdown.

It followed the success of the business to adapt and successfully operate as normal as possible during the three month UK national lockdown earlier in the year.

IT and communications investment

“Prior in 2019 we invested heavily in new IT and communications infrastructure throughout the business, including at our offices in Newtown and Welshpool in Powys and Aberytwyth in Ceredigion,” said Doug Hughes, Managing Director and Principal Architect.

“This was primarily to ensure we had the latest architectural CAD and planning IT systems and to ensure good and secure communications between our offices and for when the team might be working from remote locations.

“As it happened, this investment proved more than beneficial for when the first coronavirus national lockdown began in March.”

He added: “That investment and the lessons we learned during those three months placed us in a good position for any subsequent restrictions, such as the two-week lockdown we are now seeing.

Adapted to working differently

“There is no doubt that the investment and experience has made a significant difference in us being able to operate effectively. Our team have been able to continue working on planning applications and building designs.

“This is ensuring our clients are able to proceed, where they can, or where other works will be able to proceed after the battle against the pandemic has been won.

Latest CAD and planning technology

“All of our planning, design and office systems are working successfully at the team’s homes and with secure access to our server it is very much business as usual in most respects.”

The practice is also maintaining contact with local planning authorities, such as Powys and Ceredigion county councils, on existing and new planning applications.

The architectural practice, like many other businesses, has had to refine its workload and adapt to ensure its future.

To contact the team, call or email any of its office telephone numbers or email or use the contact form on the website.