Listed planning consent and design will return farmhouse to its original character

Highgate architectural impression Hughes Architects listed building

When the owners of a listed farmhouse approached Hughes Architects to consider designs for the renovation of the property to create elements more sympathetic to its original design, the opportunity was too good to miss.

This month we successfully applied for Listed Building planning consent for the former farmhouse at Highgate, near Newtown, Powys.

Originally built in 1631, over the decades’ various changes to the internal and external structure have resulted in aesthetic and structural changes detracting from the original features.

In need of sympathetic modernisation

“Areas of the property are in much need of modernisation. The owners wanted to invest in living space, including the dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and other areas that over the past 60 years or so have been modernised and resulted in features and areas that are not necessarily in keeping with the property’s heritage,” said Doug Hughes, Principal Architect and Managing Director of Hughes Architects.

“There are also a range of outbuildings, such as the 1960s garage, an old coal store and other elements that detract from the architecture.”

Much of the previous work would have been undertaken before the farmhouse was given Grade II Listed Building status.

Some existing windows and doors, the 1960s garage and an old coal store will be replaced, along with the creation of a new structure on the same footprint and more sympathetic to the farmhouse architecture and features. A new enclosed porch will also replace a more modern one.

“We set about talking with the owners about their vision and what living and other space they needed. Tying these together allowed us to create proposals for a range of sympathetic internal and external enhancements that would also meet the Listed Building requirements,” added Doug.

“This isn’t as straightforward as it might sound. There are many considerations and obstacles to consider and clear. Luckily, with our experience of achieving Listed Building consent, we were able to come up with design solutions that we believe will meet the constraints imposed on such properties.”

Listed building planning consent

Powys County Council has approved Listed Building consent and planning permission for the work which will begin shortly.

In response to our planning application, the council planning report stated: “The proposed work… are considered to comply with relevant planning policy and will help provide sympathetic and well-designed additions to the existing dwelling replacing incongruous previous additions.”