The transformation of a Shropshire country home

Transferring an architectural design into physical reality is such a pleasing experience for the client and the architect involved.

We recently completed a project where our client had a conventional property in the Shropshire hills in need of modernising and extending.

Rather than looking at a basic extension to the existing structure, our client wanted to transform the property, renovating the existing building, adding a contemporary extended element and ensuring the completed project not only provided the living space required, but resulted in a home that complemented the surrounding countryside.

Working with our client we discussed several options. One of the key factors was the location. With breathtaking views we wanted to incorporate this as much into the design as possible. And that’s where the integration of large glazed areas was important.

Glazing is an important architectural element in any design. It not only provides natural light into a property, it can enhance the interior living space, opening it up to the exterior environment, creating the feeling of more space.

The position of the glazing and the design of its profile and surrounds are also important in terms of the exterior design. In this case, the new extension relies heavily on the incorporation of windows within the end corners. From the exterior it draws you into the property with the use of timber cladding that helps soften the corner points.

From the interior, the use of windows within the corner of the structure provides a much more open feeling, allowing our client to enjoy the local scenery.

We could have ended up with a very conventional but practical design and property. Instead, we now have a stunning home that is contemporary in design, while remaining true to its local environment.

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