Creating new indoor living space from an underutilised exterior area

New dining area extension by Hughes Architects

Living space is perhaps more important now than it has been for some time. We’re all spending more time at home not just living but working as well in many cases.

As we’ve said in previous blogs, the likelihood of the ongoing coronavirus situation has resulted in many people re-evaluating how they live and identifying ways of remodelling their homes to maximise their living space. It might be to create additional living space or a workspace.

Inspiration to create a new dining area

One client we had already worked with several years ago on an extension their property near Welshpool in Powys returned to us last year for inspiration on creating more space at their home.

The result of the original extension (pictured) was the indirect creation of another exterior space that was crying out for a future project.

The client asked us to consider options for the creation of a dining area that would lead from, and open up, the kitchen area.

Creating a timber framed and glazed structure

The space between the two existing extensions on the house was ideally suited. At the time it was simply an open space leading to the garden with a patio area. On the other side of the rear wall was the kitchen.

Rather than build a brick-based structure we discussed the idea of a wood-framed glazed room.

Immersed with natural light

It would connect the two existing extensions on either side of the property while creating a room filled with natural light. It also allows the owners to enjoy views out to their garden.

A local contractor undertook the work, completing it on time and budget, while ensuring quality craftmanship.

The result is a new dining space that could also be used as a living area in the future.

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New dining area extension by Hughes Architects