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Canal side investment will act as an enabler for future regeneration

An enabler to the future prosperity of Welshpool town centre

A pivotal milestone has been reached in the regeneration of Welshpool's historic canal side with the listed building planning consent for enhancements at Y Lanfa.

The approval by Powys County Council’s planning committee paves the way for the building, wharf, and surrounding area to become a vibrant hub that will support both community engagement and economic growth, according to Richard Lewis, Architect and Director at Hughes Architects who created the plans and planning application on behalf of the county council.

"From the outset, the vision for Y Lanfa has been about much more than simply renovating bricks and mortar," said Richard. "We see this scheme as an enabler, unlocking the immense potential of the canal side to become an enabler for the regeneration of the entire town."

The approved plans will see Y Lanfa undergo a sensitive upgrade, restoring its architectural heritage while creating adaptable spaces for diverse community and cultural uses. The adjoining wharf will be transformed into a welcoming public realm, inviting residents and visitors to linger and enjoy the picturesque canal setting.

Hughes Architects, which has its offices in the town centre, has worked closely with its client, Powys County Council, on the project.

Renovated canal side cottages will offer further opportunities for business and community initiatives, breathing new life into the historic area.

Powys County Council's Levelling Up funded project to rejuvenate the local canal network in Montgomeryshire. Powys secured almost £14million for this project.

"This project embodies the principles of placemaking," added Richard. "By combining historic preservation with innovative design, we're creating a space that celebrates the past while embracing the future needs of Welshpool. Y Lanfa will be a catalyst for positive change, attracting new businesses, enhancing leisure opportunities, and fostering a stronger sense of community pride."

Future investment and prosperity

Beyond the immediate impact on the canal side, Hughes Architects believes Y Lanfa's revitalisation will contribute significantly to the broader regeneration of Welshpool.

They believe the increased footfall and vibrancy generated by the project will spill over into the town centre, supporting existing businesses and attracting new investment. Y Lanfa will become a vital link in a chain of renewed spaces, strengthening Welshpool's position as a thriving and attractive destination as well as a place to live and work.

With planning permission secured, construction on the project is expected to begin later this year.

"We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved with Y Lanfa," said Richard. "This project is a testament to the power of collaborative vision and design to breathe new life into historic spaces and communities. We can't wait to see Y Lanfa become a cornerstone of a revitalised Welshpool.”