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Hughes Architects helps homeowners and businesses create new and extended premises

It's a new year. So, is it time for a new home or expanded business premises?

Think of an architect and you most likely imagine a person sat at a drawing board designing a building of some sort.

That’s what many people tell the local team at Hughes Architects when they first meet.

In fact, Hughes Architects designs many buildings and premises, from home extensions to bespoke houses to housing estates, as well as retail, commercial and industrial property extensions and new builds.

But it’s much more than that. Hughes Architects works with people to identify what they want and then provide the solution that’s just right based on the client’s needs and budget.

And the company has a 99 per cent track record in successful planning applications with local authorities.

“Many homeowners come to us with an idea. It could be an extension, additional living space or a radical extension. We talk through that but we also identify what it is they actually want to achieve.

“Then we talk through a number of possibilities and work to something that actually delivers what they want,” said Doug Hughes, managing director.

“Contrary to what people might think, this whole exercise isn’t costly and in the long term it produces exactly what the clients wants.”

“Many people want to remain living where they are, but with the pressure of a growing family or even a need to downsize, they think they have to move. It can be more cost effective to consider an extension or alteration to remedy this and to allow them to reain in the area they want to be in,” added Doug.

Hughes Architects also works with clients to identify properties or land for new builds or restoration.

“In many cases identifying a plot of land and coming up with the design for a new build can be a much better solution, depending on the client’s needs and budget. There are also many properties, such as existing homes, redundant chapels or barns and other properties that could be renovated or refurbished into a perfect home.”

Hughes Architects can develop ideas into plans, through to construction and project management, taking the pressure off the client.

The team work on projects ranging from small home extensions to new builds and large-scale renovation projects.

“We also work with businesses either seeing to expand or develop or undertake a new build. Whether it’s a retailer looking to develop a site to an industrial or manufacturing company needing to expand, we have experience on a wide range of commercial projects, taking them from design to planning and through to construction.”

If you’re a homeowner looking to upsize or renovate, whether a small extension or a large-scale design, or a business small or large, local architects Hughes Architects can discuss your needs informally and at no cost initially to see how they can help.

Visit www.hughesarchitects.co.uk or contact 01686 610311.