Building Cost Calculator

The cost of designing, renovating, extending or building a home varies from project to project.

Factors such as the size, type of materials and complexity all play a part in the final cost.

Our Building Cost Calculator will help provide a starting point when it comes to considering how much your project might be. It’s only a guide and provides an estimate of the cost of the construction of a new build, an extension or a refurbishment of a property.

It does not include VAT, professional fees or contingency costs.

*An accurate cost can only be provided once drawings and schedules of work are completed.

Step-by-step guide

To use our Building Cost Calculator you will need to consider the following:


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    What type of project are you considering?
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    Are you looking for a basic or high spec solution?
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    Your project estimate:

    *The complexities of estimating the cost of building a new property, an extension or refurbishment means we can only supply a basic estimate. This is only a guide. By providing your details you are consenting and opting in to us contacting you about your estimate.