How remote working does work for a business in unprecedented times

Architect's drawing plans

The quick turnaround to remote working and adapting work practices before the COVIC-19 lockdown is ensuring Hughes Architects not only continues its work for clients but has helped attract new instructions.

Principal architect and managing director Doug Hughes praised his team for their efforts during “unprecedented” times.

“Nobody has been in this situation before and it’s been a case of actioning a quick and robust resilience plan to ensure we can continue operating,” said Doug who is working from home in Newtown, Powys.

“One of our main advantages has been the investment in the latest IT equipment. There is no doubt that this has made a significant difference in us being able to operate effectively. Our team have been able to continue working on planning applications and building designs.

“This is ensuring our clients are able to proceed, where they can, or where other works will be able to proceed after the battle against the pandemic has been won.”

Mr Hughes said they had been encouraged by new work in the past week.

“We are all enduring a situation that was almost unimaginable just a month ago. But where they can, individuals, businesses and organisations are pushing ahead with plans and work.

“All of our planning, design and office systems are working successfully at the team’s homes and with secure access to our server it is very much business as usual in most respects.”

The practice is also maintaining contact with local planning authorities, such as Powys and Ceredigion county councils, on existing and new planning applications.

The architectural practice, like many other businesses, has had to refine its workload and adapt to ensure its future.

“We have adapted, and the team has worked together and collectively we’ve made decisions to ensure the business can operate through this time and come out the other side even stronger. I’d like to pay my utmost respect to the whole team who have been involved in this process,” added Doug.

Architect's drawing plans